Geschreven door Peter Casier, ON6TT   WELCOME This site contains my eBook "Addicted to the Horizon" - "Verslaafd aan de horizon". It is a factual log of my expeditions to the islands of Clipperton, Howland and Peter I in the Pacific and Antarctica. Even though it is written in Dutch, you can scroll through them to look at the pictures or the reference material. Start reading here and make your way through the different chapters using the index on the side bar as you go along. For the English travel short stories of my life as an aid worker, the rumblings, news updates go to: The Road to the Horizon WELKOM Deze site bevat mijn eBoek "Verslaafd aan de horizon" Voor mijn engelstalige reisverhalen als ontwikkelingshelper, commentaar op de actualiteit en allerlei bedenkingen, ga naar: The Road to the Horizon . Veel leesplezier! Peter Casier ON6TT More ON6TT stories Peter has many stories, written on many different sites. I copied some of his articels related to Ham radio on this intropage. Peter was also on Heard Island, back in 1997. The vidoe’s come from other sites. VK0IR Heard Island, Outpost at The Edge The video below was made for the Radiohams all over the world by James Brooks, 9V1YC. An excellent video about the 1997 expedition to Heard Island in the Antarctic. Take a point somewhere in the middle between Africa and India, and then go South until you hit Antarctica... Somewhere there, lays a small island called Heard Island. "Property" of Australia, the island was settled by seal hunters a century ago. So isolated that over thousands of years, several animals developed into unique species, not to be found anywhere else. Dominated by an active volcano, and covered in black ash, Heard comes as inhospitable as any island comes. That island was the destination of our 1997 expedition. And this is the video we made of that trip. Probably the trip which was also a turning point in my professional career, when I started to grasp what it took to manage a high performant team, under harsh circumstances.... The video is a rip from a VHS tape... Another Video was made in parallel. Heard Island - Outpost at the edge. This video draws an excellent parallel between our expedition and the first scientific expedition in 1947, 50 years before ours. It features some unique historic perspective and old film footage. The video was made in broadcast quality, geared for commercial TV stations. If you are interested in expeditions to really remote locations all over the world, check out James' other videos. Enjoy! You might also like other articles from peter, ON6TT: From the past: Expedition to Howland Island The crazy things people do: My first Antarctic expedition    
REMARKS Ik vond het eBook van Peter, ON6TT toen ik op zoek was naar meer informatie over het bezoek van UA4WHX, Vlad aan ON5NT, Ghis. Ik heb het hele eBook gekopieerd en hier en daar wat kanttekeningen geplaatst, en van wat extra illustraties voorzien. Bedankt Peter voor je geweldige verhalen.