For years it was my intention to write the history of the DXCC, or better the history of DX Century Club. At that time I did write a DX column in ELECTRON,he Dutch Ham Magazine. During the years I collected a lot of material, articles, pictures, contest results, DX-pedition stories etc. In 2017 I added extra information to my articles about the famous Gatti- Hallicrafters-Expedition which took place in 1948. I found also lots of extra information about DXCC. On March 31, 2017, the ARRL moved Midway Atoll (KH4) and Kure Island (KH7) to the Deleted list. Those Entitities did not count anymore for DXCC starting August 26, 2016. President Obama expanded the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument area on August 26, 2016. Unfortunately this ARRL deletion of KH4 and KH7 was a big mistake. The area Obama expanded was water only. Bill Kennamer, K5FUV, who was the DXCC Boss for years, found in his DX-archive (does it exsist?) proof that KH4 and KH7 could not be deleted. by this action of Obama. Midway Island never was part of Hawaii, and the expanded area did not include Midway. Therefore Kure could also not be deleted. Wow. This mistake of ARRL was the last trigger for me to start down the DXCC history. And because Bill Kennamer, K5FUV did use prewar documents to proof the deletion was wrong it was clear to me that I should start te history before World War II. The K8CX, PA0T, etc. historic QSL-collection are often used to illustrate the articles. But these are not the only sources I use. The many, many sources I found and use for the articles are impossible to put down in the articles for credits. There is NO commercial use of this history, and I have NO copyrights. If I did wrong in the use of copyrighted material pleas let me know. Bill, K5FUV offered to help me with the many questions I had, and to solve problems I found. There is no Prewar DXCC archive, and Postwar DXCC changings are not so good documented. So don’t think this history is without mistakes. If you find mistakes, or if you can add extra information, please contact me. Thanks to ALL for putting DXCC related information on the World Wide Web. A man should keep his friendship in constand repair (Samuel Johnson (1755).
Pas op 26 juni 1967, 10 dagen na de geboorte van onze dochter Martie, kwam ik in het bezit van dit certificaat Wino, PA0ABM, devoted to CW